Sunday, May 19, 2013

I am Jessica aka Darlene & I am 'The Adopted Child' (1)

Howdy! (As we say from my home state of Texas)
I am Jessica, 'The Adopted Child'. Jessica is not my real name though at least it was not the name my birth mother gave me, my name was originally, Darlene. Darlene would be my name for almost the first 3 years of my life. I was born in Houston, Texas in the Jefferson Davis Hospital, a hospital that is no longer in existence.
My birth mother who I now know as 'Rosa' was the only active parent in my first 3 years and she was from Mexico and did not speak any English.
Again, my name was originally Darlene, until the day the state of Texas had to remove my brother (who was related to me by my birth mother) and I from a neighbor's house. Neither the State or the neighbors had any idea what our names were or did not understand the heavy Spanish spoken by the neighbor. So, I was given the name 'Jessica' by the state of Texas and from that point on, my name would always be 'Jessica'.
My brother and I were placed in a foster home where we were not cared for properly and were removed from the home just as soon as fast as we were placed there. The only thing that happened there was my Spanish was broken and I was soon taught English.
 The process was long and was dragged out as far as finding our birth mother and trying to decide if she was capable of providing and nurturing us and it was soon decided that she was not. We were placed with another foster family who eventually became our adopted family. I was probably almost three years old, my brother was a year and a half. We were cute little babies, we were both of Hispanic decent because of our Hispanic birth mother, dark brown hair and eyes, deep sun tanned complexions and full of energy!
We had quite the story behind our cute baby faces on the pictures being displayed to foster families but unfortunately our story would not be told completely and we were being 'falsely advertised' so to speak to whoever would see our pictures and understand the need to be adopted.
While we were with our final foster family, the day had come when the judge decided that our birth mother Rosa was not capable of taking care of us and he terminated her parental rights after she didn't show up for a court date. Our birth fathers were no where in the picture and never would be except for as the word 'unknown' on my birth certificate. We no longer had biological parents and were now available for 'adoption'. Within just a couple of short years after being placed with our foster family we would be adopted into a family, a couple who had turned to adoption because they were told they would never have their own biological children. We, my brother and I became their last option to ever having children at least until the day came for us to go to court to finalize our adoption and they were now pregnant with their first own biological miracle baby. From that point on in my story, we would be just be an option and even treated like so. Up until the day the miracle baby arrived, my brother and I were treated like we were the only ones who existed but when the baby was born, everything changed and it would keep changing as we got older. But, that is for later.
For now, I want you to meet Jessica, I am 32 years old, a single mother, I have my own biological son who is 10 years old, I am a published writer and owner and photographer of 'Capturing Inspirations Photography' and I am totally in love with music. There is more to the story and I will tell it in due time, for now, I just wanted you to meet Jessica aka Darlene & I am 'The Adopted Child'
~The Adopted Child

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