Do You Have A Confession, a Story to Tell?

Perhaps you are reading this blog and thinking to yourself that either you have a story or you know of someone who has a story. 
I know there are people out there who have one, who have a story much like mine but they are not sure about telling it. I know they want to tell their story but may not know exactly how. 
I would like to personally encourage you to share your story or contact me even if it's just to talk to me. 
I would really like to let the world know that this kind of 'abuse' happens and make people aware of a problem in this country. They only way we will make them aware if if we step up and say something. The longer you remain silent, the longer the abuse holds you captive and keeps you from starting a genuine journey of closure. 
So, if you would like to, please submit your story by sending an email, however long or short you want your story to be. Whatever you wish to share with the world, that is what you need to share. Once you share your story, I'll be glad to share it here on the Blog. 
The main mission of writing this Blog was to be a voice and be one for those who thought they didn't have one or didn't know how to have one. 
Let your voice be heard and perhaps you'll be surprised at how you end up being the voice for someone else who thinks they do not have one at all. 
Be blessed and inspire to make a difference!
~The Adopted Child

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