A Young Girl's Cry For Help

In my Blog, I mention that three little girls were adopted right before I left home. Since then, the two older girls were sent into a respite care home in Kansas. The older two, Nicole and Ashley who are now 20 and 19 have started own lives for themselves.
Ashley has started blogging about her experience in the adopted home with the adopted mother. She has started writing on her own, her story is her story, it is not mine. If you have been following my story, you will recall that I left home right as the girls were adopted, so I was not around to see what happened to them and on the other side of that coin, they were not around to see what happened to me.
Ashley is graduating from school this year, she has been officially adopted into a loving Christian family who I have gotten to meet and know over the last 9 months. Ashley is doing very good, I am very proud of her.
She like myself, has a lot of healing to do but the first steps in finding healing is to tell our story. The following is a part from her blog. I encourage you to read her story as you follow mine. Please keep Ashley in your prayers as she finds healing and peace in her life as she now begins the healing process in her heart and life.

Living with the Kurtanics was like a nightmare never did I think I was going to be able to survive the things that I had gone through with that family. At first everything was fine, we would go out and eat a lot. During the holidays people would just sit and watch our family when we were out in public. The people admired the parents for what they had done by adopting all us kids, some in wheelchairs others with leg braces. You could tell that at least every child in that family had a disability. I guess that is why people would give money to them, it would be large amounts.

When we would go out in public to restaurants, before we went and had a chance to sit and order our food we would have to go to the bathroom to wash up, Kelly would always slap me and told me to smile because I always had an angry or sad look on my face. When we would go grocery shopping which was mainly Wal-Mart we had to hold on to the cart and stare at it, we couldn’t look around. There was this one lady who was a blonde who would always ask if we were okay. I so desperately wanted to ask her for help but I dared not, deep down I think she knew something wasn’t right.

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